Lily Yari

Lily Yari is sixteen years old and lives with her family in New Hampshire.  She has written many poems including one that was chosen to be in the 2004 edition of Young American Poets. Lily is an avid writer and spends a great deal of her time writing fantasy. She plays piano and enjoys performing in local plays. Lily is also a person who cares deeply about animals and the environment.


Life can be like the Genii;

One minute you can work with them (it)

And the next they (it) can stab you in the back.



things will turn out....Perfect.

But then, when it's gone,

When the sun burns so intensely that you would give it all away just to have that one thing.

If only I could....

Clouds and Vests and Painting and Museums and Huckleberry Finn have never meant so much to me.

I'll never forget the smell, never forget the way it felt.....

Never Forget.....

Never Forget.....


Copyright 2010 Lily Yari