Gerald Bosacker
Gerald Bosacker is a prolific poet and short story writer who is woefully undiscovered by the paying public, but lavishly displayed worldwide, pro bono.  Sidetracked from academic study at the University of Minnesota by economic necessity, he converted his part time sales job to a full time career.  Over the years, he became a successful sales person and rose to Senior Vice President of Sales for a large International Graphic Arts company.  He discovered that he was horribly inept in corporate politics and sought retirement at the first opportunity, and after a forty year delay, declared himself a writer.


A pleased  mockingbird sings prettily
 high up there in my Sycamore tree.
 “Pritee, pritee,” He sings merrily,
He must mean the day,  surely not me
 for I’m as drab and homely as he.
 I won’t complain, I decide, with glee.
We both are blessed, and you should agree
 one day older, is a gift, you see.

Copyright © 2010 Gerald Bosacker