Eduardo Martins 


Why did you choose photography as your medium for artistic expression?

When I was a 12 year old child, on my way to high school I used to pass in front of an artistic photography shop belonging to a very important Portuguese photographer, Master Augusto Cabrita. Once he was showing a collection of photos about the Agadir Earthquake. The way I could observe the people and the whole disaster, developed my interest for images. He was just telling a Story, a dramatic Human Story

Suddenly I felt he had caught in some images and had made in some minutes the STORY of an unforgettable disaster that could be observed by all the Portuguese.  That way, in a few seconds, I, myself, could keep Time, the present for future evaluation was, maybe, my first leitmotiv. Anyway, all the coins I got since I was a child were kept to buy a camera. That way I bought a plastic camera for some pence.

Your art balances shots of nature with shots of street scenes and sometimes even cultural flaws and breakdowns, such as the photos in your collection called “Somos do Barreiro e Com Muito Orgulho!!!” How do you choose your photographic subjects?

To register Life under an ethic and human sight, where life is nothing more than the synthesis of all the stories, where each image is just a small piece of memories and feelings people are not used to feeling, yet they look and think they are seeing. Generally people look, but they simply don’t SEE.

People (all around the world) and places, as well as my hometown, Barreiro, which you are talking about, are extremely important for me. Social situations give a sociological evaluation to my eyes. That's why I prefer those kinds of images.

However, sometimes I need to play or joke with some situations too. And then you have some funny images. I am not sure if I have anyone on my Facebook page, mostly I use them for our private use.

Do you have any advice for our readers who might want to become photographers?

Yes, for sure. First of all, please make sure you are SEEING, OBSERVING, EVALUATING, not only looking. Each image contains inside itself a story, an important one. Happy or unhappy, but always a piece of a STORY.

But, please, take care. Photography is a kind of addiction. You know when you start, but you never know when you stop. Simply because you are not able to.