Ayn Frances dela Cruz
Ayn, 25, is a lecturer at De La Salle University, Manila. She is taking up her MA in Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines. She has recently joined Tanghalang Pascual Poblete, a theater-dance troupe. Her work is forthcoming in Espasyo zine.

The Zero Narratives

so now mathematics comfort me.
(zero to the nth degree)
(zero to nothingness)
(zero is as zero does)
(zeroing in)
(zero as nothing)
(zero as something)
(zero as a fool)
(zero as zero)
(zero to the bone)
(zero to the almighty)
(zero as ******up)
(zero as the ultimate negativity)
(zero as the ultimate positivity)
(zero as an object)
(zero as a phantom)
(zero just because)
(zero not just because)
(zero is something you cannot hope to gain)
(zero is something I cannot hope to gain)
(zero when nothing better comes up)
(zero when there is nothing else)
(zero when what one has becomes all that one ever does)
(zero when the world to nothing has become (zeroed in))
And so (zero)
(I love thee like no other zero has loved thee)
(I become a hero zero)
(I become a hero because zero is nothing)
(because zero is nothing to me)

Gravity Suspended

gravity suspended.
fowls dreaming of air.
so wings.
connive and beat.
so dread.
of pain and air.
so distant.
the reach from sky to earth.
so pain.
but after all the sun.

Copyright 2010 Ayn Frances dela Cruz