Ivan Arguelles

Excerpt from the book

Madonna Septet: Volume 2

exhausting net of "being" just try to
get out of it and remain conscious
dappled metal of clouds a drifting absence
is what they may be in older versions of
temple and avenue it wavers a thinking
will not corroborate a film takes place
in the lower left hand corner of time
just outside the sands minutiae
bridge detonated ashen semblances to
bits like feathery tufts burnt in light's
gramm as a hermetic gable and
clauses of ineffable beauty effaced a
symmetry as two skies back to back
run over by a black car the child hadn't
a chance to field fortune's wheel a vast
chimerical sentence in which the subject
clamors for a predicate and the mother
of the child or children whose loss is our
grief the poem from there takes its tragedy
"think neither on loss nor gain"
Mind s subtle diamond crosses genders
imagine!   misericordia   's a song well
delivered and from the pulpit fulminated
gone are the ways of the "fathers"!
must not look back too hard
orphic tablets un deciphered  headlong
rushed into dark  stream a hand the white
then gone "gone" ave atque vale etc
the sad perception that at last we are
as nothing ruminants of shadow
grazing on an invisible map

Ivan Arguelles is the author of numerous poetry collections, notably: The Invention of Spain, Looking for Mary Lou (William Carlos Williams Award, 1989), “That” Goddess, and Madonna Septet (2 vols.). He is founder and co-editor of Pantograph Press. He has collaborated with other poets, among them Jack Foley and John M. Bennett. His collaboration with Bennett, Chac Prostibulario,  is an experimental work operating in some five or more languages.